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Ilha Terceira is an island in the Azores, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, with an area of The island’s length is 29 km and the width is 18km; the perimeter is 90 km. Population is 54, , down from a peak of 59, Population density is Misericordia church Terceira Island consists of four overlapping stratovolcanoes built above a geologic rift called the Terceira Rift. The volcanos rise from a depth of over 1, metres 5, ft on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The oldest at over , years is the Cinquo Picos stratovolcano that forms the eastern part of the island, with a 7 km 4 mi diameter caldera which is one of the largest in the Azores. Next in age at perhaps , years is the Guilherme Moniz stratovolcano in the south-central part of the island, which also has a caldera with the highest remaining point on the rim reaching metres 2, ft.

Terceira Island

Religion and politics are touchy subjects these days, but in Ancient Rome they were whole-heartedly part of daily life. One did not have to walk on eggshells about a particular topic, only speak with facts and conviction in an open debate. Just like now, however, some things were kept secret. For those considered special enough there were secret societies and cults not open to the general citizenry of Rome. A Mithraeum Latin pl.

These kinds of structures have been used in the Azores to store cereals, however, and suggestions by Ribeiro that they might be burial sites are unconfirmed. Detailed examination and dating to authenticate the validity of these speculations is lacking.

The islands lie directly atop the meeting point of three active tectonic plates: North America, Eurasia and Africa. As well as fascinating geologists and volcanologists they are a magnet for botanists, naturalists, and amateur flora fans due to the wonderfully diverse range of flowers and plant species that flourish in the temperate climate. Terra Nostra Garden is home to grottoes, intricate streams and an assortment of Azaleas And for those enamoured by the intimate stirrings of Mother Nature, the Azores has a profusion of opportunities to see it all in action.

Sulphurous, boiling hot natural springs abound and a lot of the best ones are in Furnas. Metres away I sipped cool, naturally-carbonated spring water from a tap on the street, before remembering that it was almost time to tuck into the lunch that the volcano had been cooking for me all day. We even got to watch the kitchen porters dig the pot out of the ground before we hurried to the restaurant to enjoy the contents.

What lies beneath the Azores

Single supplement applies please make contact for details. The Sete Citades caldera volcano on the island of Sao Miguel. The fumeroles at Furnas inside the Furnas caldera. Entering the pit is literally exploring the inside of a volcano and using the staircases it is possible to decend all the way to the lake.

vow dating back to the 18th century. São Jorge Island, Fajã dos Vimes • July N.ª Sr.ª do Carmo. Traditional and most important Marian centre of the Azores, gathering thousands of pilgrims in a tradition that dates back to the end of the 16th century. According to popular belief, a priest, who got tired of men’s lack of moral.

Lajes Field has only recently become known as a vital pit stop in the global war on terrorism. Forces Azores, Lajes Field provides logistics support for more than 3, aircraft, including fighters from the United States and 20 allied nations, each year — the equivalent of an entire fighter squadron every three days.

Airmen in the unit perform every task imaginable, from air traffic control to replacing part of a flight control unit. If something is wrong, the problem is fixed. Old World Charm About 1, servicemembers are stationed at Lajes Field on the northeast tip of a tiny island called Terceira, one of nine that make up the Azores. The island measures roughly 12 miles by 20 miles, and is located some 2, miles east of New York City and nearly miles west of Lisbon, Portugal.

The Azores are a part of Portugal, and the U. Each of the Azores islands is a mini-paradise, with incredible ocean views everywhere. Terceira residents enjoy a temperate climate all year round, with highs averaging in the mid 70s during the summer and low 60s in winter. Although the winter months are often windy and stormy, the temperature rarely dips below 45, so the Terceira Island Golf Club, jointly headed by a board comprised of Portuguese and Americans, always stays open.

History of the Azores

The Statue of a Horseman: In the year , Damien de Goes, biographer of the sixteenth-century Portuguese kings, reported that a stone statue of a bareheaded man clothed in a Moorish cape and seated on a horse had been found at Corvo. His left arm rested on the horse’s mane, while his right arm stretched straight out with the index finger pointing to the west.

King Emmanuel of Portugal sent for the statue, but those in charge of the project carelessly broke it. Nonetheless, the heads of the man and horse, and the right arm with the pointed finger are said to have been brought to the king’s palace for display.

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Cities are a quaint mix of modern and traditional architecture, with beautiful old churches, windmills, and cobblestone streets existing beside more contemporary development. The rest of the island is a showcase to its spectacular natural landscape, with rolling hills, green forests, picturesque waterfalls and beautiful ocean views. The island is geothermically active, especially in the Furnas area; bathing in natural hot springs is a popular activity and traditional meals are cooked in pots inside active vents.

Those who enjoy outdoors adventure will love the island’s numerous hiking trails and opportunities for kayaking, cycling, canyoning, surfing, and diving. Whale watching is also a popular activity in the summer months, as a diverse range of whale species can be found near the island. Although there are beaches of the black, volcanic, sand variety, most of the coastline is rocky and the surf and currents dangerous so it is not the ideal location for a traditional laid-back island beach vacation.

Cities and towns[ edit ] Containing the island chain’s major airport and the only major cruise ship terminal, many visitors to the region pass through Ponta Delgada before continuing to other destinations in the archipelago. The historic center and most tourist attractions are located along Avenida Infante D. Furnas, the largest parish on the island, is famous for its geothermic activity.

Hot springs and geysers are prevalent, and traditional meals are cooked via thermal energy in pots buried in the ground.

15 of the Most Amazing Things to See and Do in The Azores

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Plato articulated the legend of Atlantis. Ancient writers like Plutarch , Strabo and, more explicitly, Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy , testified to the real existence of the Canary Islands. The Middle Ages saw the emergence of a new set of legends about islands deep in the Atlantic Ocean. These were sourced in various places, e. The peoples of the Iberian peninsula , who were closest to the real Atlantic islands, and whose seafarers and fisherman may have seen and even visited them, [3] articulated their own tales.

Medieval Andalusian Arabs related stories of Atlantic island encounters in the legend of the 9th-century navigator Khashkhash of Cordoba told by al-Masudi [4] and the 12th-century story of the eight Maghurin Wanderers of Lisbon told by al-Idrisi. He said he found that fact in Christopher Columbus ‘ notes, and it was one reason why Columbus presumed that India was on the other side of the ocean.

This claim is generally discredited among academics today. As were local stories of a mysterious equestrian statue and coins with Carthaginian writing that were purportedly discovered on island of Corvo, or the strange inscriptions found along the coast of Quatro Ribeiras on Terceira: But there was some basis in fact, since the Medici maps of contained seven islands off the Portuguese coast which were arranged in groups of three; there were the southern group, or the Goat Islands Cabreras , the middle group, or the Wind or Dove Islands De Ventura Sive de Columbis , and the western islands, or the Brazil Island De Brazil.

But, generally, these stories highlighted that sightings were being made at the end of the 14th century, or at least, the peoples of Europe had a passing knowledge of islands in the Atlantic. Owing to the disorganized politics of the continent there were few nations able to organize an exploration of the Western Sea. There have been recent discoveries — of Hypogea structures carved into embankments, that may have been used for burials on the islands of Corvo, Santa Maria and Terceira, that might allude to a human presence on the islands before the Portuguese.

São Miguel

The Azores are becoming a popular destination for active travelers, with opportunities to experience big game fishing, hiking, whale-watching, bullfighting, surfing and world-class golf. Fishing Catch your dinner saltwater fly-fishing The waters surrounding the Azores boast a veritable feast of fish and shark. But the Blue Marlin hold a special place of honor out of 10 fishing competition world records were set in the Azores, with the fishers in question catching impressively-sized Blue Marlin.

Welcome to Rome Across Europe!. It’s time to take a look at another UNESCO World Heritage week we were in Belgium as we head to to check out the La Grand-Place.. It’s been awhile, but today we’re traveling back to Portugal as we explore Central Zone of the Town of Angra do Heroismo in the Azores!. Situated on one of the islands in the Azores archipelago, this was an obligatory.

Azores History A small number of alleged Hypogea, earthen structures carved into rocks that were used for burials, have been identified on the islands of Corvo, Santa Maria and Terceira by Portuguese archaeologist Nuno Ribeiro and speculations were published that they might date back years, alluding to a human presence on the island before the Portuguese. However, these kind of structures have always been used in the Azores to store cereals and suggestions by Ribeiro that they might be burial sites are unconfirmed.

Detailed examination and dating to authenticate the validity of these speculations is lacking. So far, it is unclear whether these structures are natural or man-made and they predate the 15th-century Portuguese colonization of the Azores. Solid confirmation of a pre-Portuguese human presence in the archipelago has not yet been published. The discovery and settlement of the Azores archipelago, much like the islands of Madeira, is one of the more controversial aspects of the Portuguese Age of Discovery.

In addition to many theories, myths and stories written about the Azores there have been various Genoese and Catalan maps produced since that identified islands in the Atlantic. Some chroniclers note that sailors knew of the islands, and visited them during return voyages from the Canary Islands about — , during the reign of King Afonso IV. Ashe then claimed that the Portuguese explored the area and claimed it for Portugal shortly after.

Supporting the official history of the islands are latter day writings, based on oral tradition, that appeared in the first half of the 15th century.