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Costume drawings, magazine covers and fashion plates of the thirties all provide a source of inspiration for making your own drawings. In this table I have drawn a variety of 30’s shapes capturing the elements of silhouettes of the day. I have redrawn them in my own style. After I made these simple line drawings I finally enhanced aspects such as the fur with computer software. On this page the costume drawings show just some of the silhouette body shape outlines found in fashion history between and Each thumbnail enlarges to produce an A4 print and is suitable for colouring in and producing timeline scenes, collage foundation guides or guidelines for amateur dramatics.

Colonial Costume Patterns

Sewing Retro Style Dresses “Under Tuscan Sun” from remains a popular chick flick, in part due to the vintage styles worn by the lead characters, designed by veteran costume designer Nicoletta Ercole. The ‘white dress’ that the lead character Frances Diane Lane wears created quite a scene when the movie was shown. It was a mini trend at the time. Women everywhere wanted to find that white dress. Dresses featured in this film seem timeless:

vintage sewing patterns – fringe trim (paterns not included) download book for $ (free for members) Author: Wikia (That means the book is composed entirely of articles from Wikia that we have edited and redesigned into a book format.

If you find something that is contrary to your knowledge please let me know so I can adjust this post to be more helpful. How to Date Vintage Mail Order Sewing Patterns — i want free online dating site online dating in south africa only dating websites for divorced Most were easy a-line that I would whip together in an hour or two for my hot dating someone on antidepressants that night. Below is a list dating butterick patterns all of the vintage Butterick patterns on our wiki. UNCUT, complete, factory folded, new unused condition.

During the twenties and thirties, Buttericks monthly magazine, The Delineator, published a list of all the patterns featured that months issue. Surviving patterns, according to Emery, also provide a visual source for defining and dating the terminology given to garments and their constituent elements, and an. Nearly all McCalls patterns are municipality of debarca personals somewhere on the envelope, and the majority of Simplicity patterns from the s are too for s and s patterns, check the matchmaking virgo and sagittarius sheet from on, check the envelope.

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Remember when I did a mock-up for a corset? Yeah, me neither well, barely. I think it was last spring sometime? Anyway, finally this past weekend I had—wait for it—leisure time!

Vintage pattern magazines or vintage pattern catalogs can be used for comparison. The original cost of the pattern. One thing to consider is a more elaborate style equaled a higher price.

It used some rare color footage from the actual wedding parade route and was an enormous hit. Hartnell had designed many gowns for her mother, and he presented the Princess with several sketches that she chose from. Seeing as Elizabeth was heir to the throne, the gown was somewhat of a political statement as well — so all silk for the gown was woven within the United Kingdom using Chinese silkworms. I feel that the long sleeves were a bit austere, but not at all uncommon for the decade.

Rather, it was a lady with a very slight frame who happened to be very trim in the midsection. I actually have a picture of myself standing next to one of her gowns, and as a very petite person myself by modern standards size 6 and not quite 5 ft. All that to say, I am rather surprised that Princess Margaret chose such a camouflaging gown when she could have chosen something less pouffy and a bit more flattering. She did wear one stunner of a tiara, though, so we can forgive her for disappointing all those ladies who were hoping for more sparkle in the dress itself.

Designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, it embodies the bouffant and romantic look of s fashion. But this was the gown Diana wanted to wear, and it will always have a special place in history! Burda Patterns released what I consider to be the most accurate to her bridal gown. No matter how sorely I am tempted to say that he was a complete jerk — ahem.

How good is sewing

There is some rather exciting in-vogue breaking news involving you and your handy sewing machine. Today, over 83, vintage sewing patterns are accessible online thanks to the website, the Vintage Patterns Wikia. Indeed, practically every fashion style up to the year, is represented in the virtual catalog.

McCall’s, Butterick, Simplicity. If you were into sewing, or simply spent time as a child rummaging through patterns with your mother at the fabric store, these names will bring on a wave of nostalgia. And now, thanks to a fantastic online collection of vintage sewing patterns, it’s time to dust.

Hancock Fabrics Online Pattern Stores Fabric stores, as well as historical pattern makers, sell their merchandise online. The following merchants sell beautiful colonial costume patterns: Patterns of Time offers plenty of patterns for the Colonial period for men, women and children. Riding outfits, sailor slops and frock coats are but a few of the many patterns offered here.

They also sell hardware that may be needed for your Colonial costume such as suspender hooks, belt buckles and unique buttons. Ageless Patterns features a selection of men and women’s colonial-era patterns including broadfall pants, trailblazer shirts, empire dresses and stays of just about every size. Selling everything that you would need for a Colonial costume including the costumes themselves , this online store also sells books on this time period and cross-stitch kits.

One of the most familiar online pattern resources for re-enactors of every time period. This merchant sells quality patterns printed on heavy, semi-transparent paper. They have dozens of patterns to choose from and most have easy to follow instructions, even for the novice seamstress. Copying and Borrowing Patterns Many people often forget that they can copy or borrow the patterns they need for a costume.

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Wikia That means the book is composed entirely of articles from Wikia that we have edited and redesigned into a book format. If you would prefer to read the unedited articles in their old format for free, we have provided a list of the article titles under “chapters” below. Simply go to Wikia and use their search form to locate each individual article.

Butterick was an easy project; a quick (sewing time one hour tops) and fun sew (if you love narrow hems as much as I do). I spent more time mulling over which view to construct. I wanted a dress like view C but I liked the curved hem of the tunic view B.

Overview Reference Overview of vintage embroidery transfers Vintage embroidery transfers have regained popularity today, thanks in no small part to advances in technology that allow designs to be programmed and machine-stitched with beautiful results. Improved fabric paints, dyes and markers allow these great old designs to be used by even the needle-challenged. And, of course, those who enjoy the satisfaction and quality of hand-stitching still use them the “old-fashioned” way.

Embroidery transfers have been available from many, many different companies for well over a hundred years. So whether you’re looking for breathtakingly intricate motifs for heirloom embroidery, authentic designs for period costumes, particular motifs to complement a collecting interest, or a comical design to enliven your kitchen towels, there’s a huge assortment of vintage designs waiting to be rediscovered. This overview addresses a major roadblock for the vintage embroidery transfer enthusiast — the lack of organized material about vintage transfers.

Old catalogs are scarce or non-existent , companies have gone out of business — histories and product lines have to be pieced together from scraps of information scattered across web pages and collections. So here’s a launching place for research about the designs and the major companies that produced embroidery transfers dating back to the late s.

It’s an ongoing reference project open for use by everyone who enjoys vintage transfers. Naturally its value to the stitching community depends on accuracy and depth of information. Whenever possible information has been checked with two or more sources and educated guesses are identified as such.

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Admin Serious Dating Hi, this seems to me to be a simple question- but one that I haven’t found the answer to Why don’t the Pattern Companies offer their older patterns as downloads on the Web I realize that they may not have them all- but surely they have some of them This is me www. I just discovered your site and am sooo happy I did. I re-sell vintage patterns and since some of the Pattern Companies didn’t date their patterns until the 80’s I do a lot of guessing. For the most part I am correct but your site covers so much more about dating these special patterns I will use your site from now on The first thing to know about basic vintage sewing patterns is that the best to add “just one more” excursion to your collection is known.

A hundred patterns here, a hundred believers there — after a while it adds up to exactly a bit of space No matter what your area style or era, piano you may have questions. How old is my daughter.

We have vintage Butterick patterns for all types of fashions including dresses, blouses, skirts, pants, suits, sleepwear, crafts & costumes. Please see our page on Dating Vintage Patterns to determine the age of your vintage Butterick pattern.

Vintage s Butterick For me, the appeal of this shirt is its masculine styling, particularly with the collar and sleeve. I used a wonderful Judie Rothermel s reproduction print to construct the shirt – the result was a well-fitted, comfortable, and crisp garment. For detailed photographs of the shirt and the materials used, please click here. The pattern instructions with detailed drawings were delightfully easy to follow and the pattern very well drafted. There were no construction issues when making this shirt – all of the pattern pieces fit together precisely.

Please note, however, that some construction methods are not included in the Deltor, like how to construct a cuff placket or a split lapel – it may be assumed by the pattern company that the seamstress should know these methods, so a fair knowledge of shirt construction is needed. Also, unlike most patterns of this era, misses and women’s sizing are both by bust measurement in centimeters and inches, rather than by vanity sizing by age, Ladies Dress – Recommended Intermediate This vintage McCall’s dress pattern is one from my personal collection – a purchase that I made from an estate sale some time ago.

This dress was constructed for my daughter, Marie, to attend the opening night of the remake of The Great Gatsby in May

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According to the records of the U. Py-O-My Bluebery Muffin Mix includes a can of blueberries and a set of paper baking cups and a sealed bag of muffin mix. Makes about 10 large delicious muffins–up to 16 small ones.

Lauren Stowell is the CEO and chief shoe doodler for Royal Vintage Shoes. She adores all things s, 30s, and 40s. Abby Cox is the Vice President and primary shenanigator for Royal Vintage Shoes.

Anyway, I went on Saturday with my best-flea-market-buddy-ever, Lauren and you should definitely go lurk her blog if you enjoy being jealous of beautiful white crocheted lace dresses, because, hot damn. On the flip side, it meant that all the sellers brought out their big guns this month… and we made out like bandits. This is the very first thing I bought — like, within 15 minutes of getting there. The buttons are mother-of-pearl with gold edges.

She said it was late 30s, I said early 40s. She said she knew her vintage, I said I know my sewing patterns. I came across that giant box of zippers right before we left. I added a few scraps of fabric, giant covered buttons, and a purse pattern that Lauren was eyeballing. Every color of the rainbow! My second mistake was going back the next day.

I discovered that I was a designer in a past life. I missed one of my regular sellers the first go-round, so I was interested to see if he still had anything for me I usually get my patterns from him: I actually have no need for these you should see my collection of fitting books , I was just amused that they were from the US Department of Agriculture. I found this pattern at a different booth.

Vintage sewing patterns, embroidery transfers and related items

Posted on February 3, 8 Comments In my last post, Drunk Printing , I mentioned that I was searching for a good knit top pattern to make some tops for my work wardrobe. I did some research on PatternReview. I started with those pattern companies for the following reasons… Because Victoria told me to use Simplicity patterns no less that 3, , times and in bold capital letters no less.

And also, they do tend to have really good directions. After completing my research I came up with the following choices and purchased them from PatternReview because they were cheaper there:

I am beginning a list of vintage patterns to help myself and others date patterns we find. Though it is often easy to determine the decade, even to date the pattern within a five years, it is often a challenge to determine the year.

I had been asked to post this to my blog, so I am finally getting around to doing it! I hope this will be a multiple part series, to help you understand how to use vintage patterns, as well as learn a little about their history. You may feel like you need a decipher to understand the markings. And the instructions can be so minimal that you may feel like you need a decoder to just figure out how to put the thing together! In this series I will offer tips for using vintage patterns based on my experiences and research.

The biggest factor that seems to dissuade sewers from using vintage patterns are the perforated, or unmarked, patterns. Let me break down a basic history of the printed pattern: These diagrams were often published in periodicals and books.

Vintage Patterns: McCall’s 9704 & Butterick 9569